The Challenge

Expired registrations, licenses or insurances can void any incident claims. Poor vehicle or plant maintenance programs can lead to increased operational costs and increased safety risks.

The Solution

Easly manage and control information and documents relating to your vehicle or equipment fleet. Prevent non-compliant or unlicensed incidents becoming a legal or liability issue.

Key Features


Automatically manage near-expiring licenses, registrations and insurances.


Ensure all equipment and vehicles are maintained at prescribed intervals ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Usage and History

Track and manage the usage and assignment of vehicles across your entire business.

Operational Cost

Use expense information to understand operational cost and make informed retirement and purchasing decisions.

Key Benefits

Prevent Liability

Avoid liability issues by ensuring all vehicles and equipment is licensed and maintained.


Dashboard-like views of your fleets key information.

Issue Prevention

Prevent breakdowns or liability issues by using proactive information in a preventative manner.

Incident Management

Log, track and report any incidents associated with vehicles or equipment.

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