The Challenge

Slow or no ability to respond to delivery enquiries can not only take valuable time from your operational staff, but failure to provide requested information can cost you in credits, stock ad reputation.

The Solution

Digitise transactional documents so that they are available real-time, and instantly accessible. Validate your clients enquiries based on electronic acceptance signatures.

Key Features

Electronic Signatures

Capture delivery signatures and other information such as names, times, conditions, GPS location and photo.

Search and Retrieve

Instant search results for any data parameters allowing you to quickly close any disputes or enquiries.

Exception Reporting

Easily identify missed, late or overdue transactions.

Sub-Contractor or 3PL Friendly

Zero configuration allows for instant use of the digital system on any device.

Key Benefits

Quicker Responses

Real-Time data synchronisation means you can respond to any enquiry as soon as the transaction is complete.


Staff accountability for customer satisfaction, stock handling and even cash floats for COD


Dashboard-like views of delivery runs or schedules to allow you to make time sensitive decisions.

Self Service

Allow key clients to access their own secure data, further relieving your customer service staff from basic enquiries.

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