The Challenge

Manual accounts payable processing can cost you a significant amount of time and money and this cost can rise alarmingly due to errors. This labor intensive process results in costly and time-consuming exceptions and delays.

The Solution

Element3 Solutions automate the process of invoice scanning, invoice data extraction and classification. Our solution provides recognition of data on scanned paper or PDF invoices, followed by validation, sorting and archiving to significantly speed up your accounts payable process.

Key Features

Intelligent invoice recognition

Line-item and header details are captured.

Matching with Purchase Orders

Compares the invoice data with the corresponding PO and highlights discrepancies.


Can be easily configured to fit a specific business process by adding new fields and rules.

Two OCR engines

A voting scheme increases confidence levels.

Documents from any source

Paper, scanner, PDF, email, database, web service.


Additional scanning, processing, verification and export stations can be added as needed.

Key Benefits

Reduced Costs

Reduces costs by decreasing the amount of manual labor required to type in document data..

Improved cash management

Take advantage of early payment discounts and avoid penalties

Reduced Error Rate.

Strong validation rules help avoid costly human errors.

Maximised Productivity

Lets your staff focus on creative tasks.

Improved Viability

Identifies outstanding liabilities and highlights AP performance.

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Business Solutions

Accounts Payable

Manual accounts payable processing can cost you a significant amount of time and money and this cost can rise alarmingly due to errors. Labour intensive processes result in cost and and delays.

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Expense Management

Significant cash flow implications can be the result of manual, time-consuming expense claim processing. Eliminate countless hours lost searching for missing receipts.

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Human Resources

Maintaining private and confidential information safely and securely within your business can quickly become unmanageable. Data breach laws dictate you must be able to comply to national standards.

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The cost of inaccurately manufactured product can dramatically impact the profitability of the production run, or worse, the quality approval process, leading to reputational damage.

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Compliance & Governance

Your business is subjected to more compliance and regulation than ever before. New data breach laws apply to virtually all Australian businesses. You must comply or face significant fines

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Paper-based operations out of the office can be a productivity and process bottleneck. No operational visibility, increased risk profile, and ineffective communication which effect your bottom line.

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Vehicle Management

Expired registrations, licenses or insurances can void any incident claims. Poor vehicle or plant maintenance programs can lead to increased operational costs and increased safety risks.

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Sales Order Management

Customers have more choice of supply than ever before. Don't let your orders go to your competitor through poor management and processing of your clients sales orders.

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Health & Safety

It is a legal obligation of any Australian business to provide a safe environment for all staff, visitors, contractors, volunteers, and suppliers. Even small and simple offices can be hazardous.

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Proof of Delivery

Slow or no ability to respond to delivery enquiries can not only take valuable time from your operational staff, but failure to provide requested information can cost you in credits, stock ad reputation

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General Document Management

Managing digital documents by email and network drives is not only ineffective, but also prone to risk. Staff that use free on-line document sharing tools exposes your business to business information loss and leakage

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Self Service Portal

Are you still fielding basic customer enquiries by hiring phone-based staff? Do you have skilled staff chasing basic enquiries? Simple enquiries can impose significant cost to your business

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Learning, Training & Competency

How do you identify the competency of your staff? Who needs what training or education? Do your staff know the latest products, policies or procedures? Manage the knowledge of your employees.

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